ULPI port

ulpi_port module is a bridge between IP modules with UTMI interface and ULPI PHYs.

ulpi_port.vhdl (updated 19 Feb 2016)


  • One of the design goals was to have a module which does not need a CPU for configuration.

  • ulpi_port can be used either for USB devices or for USB hosts with UTMI interface. For hosts there are utmi_host_datapd and utmi_drv_vbus signals: utmi_hosts_datapd is for enabling data lines pull-down resisters, utmi_drv_vbus configures phy for driving USB power lines.

  • ulpi_port assumes that PHY goes out of reset at the same time as ulpi_port clock starts and that it's enough for PHY to have 32 clock cycles for finishing it's internal initialization sequence and to be ready to accept commands and data

  • This page was last modified on 7 Feb 2019